Maintaining strong, healthy teeth sometimes requires a trip to the dentist for a more comprehensive cleaning or other procedure. Who you choose as your family’s dentist is not a decision to make lightly. There are many things to consider before you make a commitment to one dentist or another. The most convenient dentist is not always the best choice.

Of course, proximity should have some weight when you’re considering which dentist is best for you, but the closest doctor is not always the best. It’s as important for your dentist’s office to have an environment that suits you as it is for it to be close to home. You should feel comfortable (or as comfortable as you can feel) at your dentist’s office, and the entire staff should be professional, polite, and helpful. The environment, though, is irrelevant if your dentist does not offer the services that you require. It’s important to research your future dentist to make sure that your needs will be met.

We hope you’ll browse our site and consider our doctor as your new dentist. At Concord Smile,  we can take care of your general dentistry needs. Cleanings, crowns, dentures–we do it all, and if you’re not strictly local, you can still come and see us! For more information on being an out of town patient, visit our For Patients page. You’ll also find hotel information there, so you can book your accommodations without the dreaded hotel search. Concord Smile wants to be your first choice dentist in the Concord, CA, area.