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Most of us think about our teeth only when we are brushing them or when they start bothering us. However, your teeth are very important to the digestive process, as their main job is to chew up the food you eat. So when they start hurting, it’s usually a sign that something is wrong.

Concord Smile offers a wide variety of dental services, including general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Our mission is to provide the best dental care for our patients, from preventive care to dentures and more. Below, we’ll go over the signs that you might need a root canal. Contact us today to learn more!


A root canal is the name given to the dental procedure that cleans out all of the decay inside your tooth, including in the root. It’s like digging a canal, which is where the name comes from. What happens is that decay can get into the soft core, or pulp, of your tooth. This needs to be cleaned out so that you don’t lose your tooth. Below are the signs of a root canal:


Pain, as mentioned above, is a classic sign that something is wrong. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you to the fact that something is wrong, and it is a sign that you might need a root canal. Of course, tooth pain can be a sign of many problems with your teeth, such as gum disease, a cavity, a damaged filling, a tooth that is impacted, or some other ailment. Thus, if you experience any kind of pain in your teeth or jaw, it’s time to make an appointment with your local dentist, such as Concord Smile, and get your teeth examined and assessed.

Changes in the Appearance of Your Teeth

Since a root canal has to do with an infection in the roots of your teeth and along the gums, you can notice a change in color. This is due to the fact that your tooth pulp could be dying, which then means a lack of blood flow to your infected tooth and gums, which is what makes your gums pink in the first place. You will see a grayish-black color appear. This is also an indication of trauma to your teeth as well. If you notice a change in the appearance of your teeth, always have your teeth looked at by your local dentist.

Swollen Gums

Remember the root of your tooth is attached and anchored to your gums. Thus, it would make sense that your gums would be swollen if there were bacteria causing an infection in your teeth and tooth roots. Also, the dead pulp tissues release acidic waste products that can cause swelling as well. You may also notice a bump on your gum as well, which is a sack of infection in the form of pus. This can give you bad breath and make your mouth taste funny as well.

Your Tooth is Sensitive

If you’ve noticed that your tooth hurts when you eat or when you touch it, this could be a sign as well that something is amiss with your tooth. Oftentimes, we can attribute this to something we just ate, but if the tooth is sensitive a lot of the time, this could be a sign of a root canal treatment needed. Again, this is caused by the infection and the dying pulp that is now releasing waste products into your mouth when you bite down.

Noticeably Sensitive to Hot and Cold

Most of us when we eat ice cream may experience a really cold sensation or burn or mouths on a hot drink. This is normal. A sign of a needed root canal would be something outside the norm, such as a persistent pain when you drink coffee or eat ice cream. If this pain is intense, this is a sign to visit your local dentist, Concord Smile, for a dental examination.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth happens. However, when it does happen, it’s imperative that you see your local dentist right away to get it taken care of. Otherwise, nerves could be exposed, and access to the root of your tooth could be vulnerable to bacteria from this chipped tooth. This can cause an infection that could travel in your bloodstream to other parts of your body as well. See your local dentist if you chip or crack a tooth as soon as possible.


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