When you need general dentistry in Concord, you want gentle and affordable care that will leave your smile feeling clean and bright. At Concord Smile, we love meeting new patients and helping them achieve a healthier and happier life. Dental health is very important, but you may have put off seeing a dentist due to a lack of insurance or lack of time. If that’s the case, now is the time to take care of your teeth with our dental specials.

Limited Exam and X-Ray

If you have a tooth that’s been bothering you for some time, come in for a complimentary limited exam and X-ray. We will examine and diagnose the cause of the tooth pain for free, and the only time you pay is if you elect to have treatment performed on your teeth. This is especially beneficial for those that don’t have dental insurance but can’t stand the pain in their mouth any longer.

Denture Exam

If you’ve been thinking about getting dentures, or you feel that it’s time to replace your old ones, we can provide a complimentary denture exam that provides you with several options. From there, you’ll be able to decide on the best course for your new dentures.

Cosmetic Evaluation

If you have been pondering the appearance of your smile and have thought about whitening or veneers, come in for a complimentary cosmetic evaluation. We can explain all of our cosmetic services and how they can improve the look and feel of your smile.

We’re proud to offer these specials to our new patients, and we look forward to providing your general dentistry services in Concord for years to come!