An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This adage can be used in many situations to varying degrees, but when it comes to your oral health, proactivity can save a lot of pain and money. Your local dentist is trained to provide full-service care to keep your smile in optimal condition. While many patients know that delaying treatment can prove harmful, they often decide to hold out longer due to financial restraints. After all, who wants to spend that money on a dental fillings when a vacation has so much more excitement?

Concord Smile is proud to serve as your trusted California dentists. We provide top-notch cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry to Concord residents and beyond, delivering personalized results to give you a happy and healthy smile. This blog post is not meant to scare you into calling our family dentists for an appointment. Instead, we are motivated to treat your gums and teeth proactively to avoid any long-term problems. After reading this post, be sure to contact Concord Smile for your dentist appointment!

Cavities Can Form Long Before Discomfort Occurs

One major misconception our dental office sees is when patients wait until things are unbearable to come in. Why spend money every year when you can come in once in awhile for dental repairs? The truth is that cavities can begin to form and grow before reaching the sensitive inner layers of your teeth. By the time you notice pain, the cavity is already out in full force. Regular dental exams can help by giving your dentist the chance to spot and repair the problem before it develops into a cavity, or worse!

Concord Smile can work with you to develop a personalized care plan that maps the best route toward your optimal oral health.

Periodontal Disease Can Hurt Anyone

Many Californians who floss and brush daily are quick to point out that their habits are perfect, therefore not needing regular dental exams. Unfortunately, gum disease and tooth decay can occur in spite of these perfect brushing conditions. Those who consume sugary beverages or those with compromised immune systems (such as diabetics) may be at a much higher risk for health problems, so be sure to contact us today if it has been awhile since your last exam!

Dental Health Issues Can Quickly Worsen

It can be too easy to put off calling your local dentist if you are only dealing with a minor pain. Keep in mind, though, that the state of your oral health will likely not improve or remain stable. Neglecting problems such as gum inflammation, cavities, and other common problems can quickly degrade to dental caps, root canals, and tooth extractions. Eventually, tooth removal can result in bone loss within the jaw. Patients needing restorative dentistry will need to undergo numerous procedures to correct the problem, often costing more than expected.

Costs Only Go Up When Oral Health Declines

While our general dentistry team is able to provide quality services that are affordable, the total cost for your dental services will quickly add up if additional work is needed. Dental fillings are less intensive compared to crowns and bridges, often costing patients hundreds less. Ultimately, the total bill for your ongoing oral health will depend on your habits. Concord Smile can help patients to develop the best plan to ensure ongoing health.

Concord Smile is here to serve as your trusted local dentists in Concord and beyond, delivering amazing results that are sure to make you smile. Our services are comprehensive and affordable, but only for those that are proactive and come in when help is needed. Our family dentist office is here and ready to help with kind, caring professionals that make your oral health their top priority. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment!