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The US Surgeon General released an oral health report in 2000 to clarify the importance of oral health, as well as the conclusions made by this entity. These findings may not be groundbreaking to you, but if they inspire you to sit back in the dentist’s chair, be sure to call our family dentists to set your appointment!

Oral Health Affects Overall Well-Being

To begin, the report is built around the conclusion that oral health is much more involved than just the health of your ivories. Poor oral health can also affect the jaw, face, lips, throat, and beyond. Your oral health is key to overall longevity, as your smile can affect many areas of your life. Poor oral health can lead to difficulties speaking, eating, breathing, drinking liquids, and so on. Painful outcomes may be inconvenient or dehabiliting now, but unresolved problems down the road can worsen into serious conditions such as cancer. We recommend seeking peace of mind by seeing your local dentist on an annual basis!

Bad oral health can also affect your self-esteem and image. Candida overgrowth, unsightly caries, and other dental issues can all disrupt your image, causing anxiety and disrupting normal social activities. Patients of all ages can feel like the center of attention if their teeth are unhealthy or unsightly. Our dental services can help to restore your smile and confidence, giving you the ability to shine in any social situation!

Dental Services are Available

While poor oral health can create a wide range of problems for citizens of all ages, the population needs to know that modern technology has paved the way for safe and effective oral health services to keep you safe. While people have wondered about the true effectiveness of putting fluoride in the water, for example, this process has helped to deliver healthful benefits to all members of the community through their drinking water. Water fluoridation provides a baseline protection from cavities and tooth decay!

Californians also have a wide range of oral health products at their disposal. From products such as floss and mouthwash to powered brushes and sealants, consumers have a lot of products can help to minimize oral health concerns. Many risks can be minimized with proper care, and if your teeth are in need of further care, our Concord dentists are here and ready to help.

Lifestyle Choices Add Up

The vices that we all enjoy are called so for a reason. Alcohol, tobacco, drug use, and other hazardous activities can all play a role in your overall oral health. The long-term effects of poor nutrition and poor oral care can combine to create serious concerns for you and your local dentist. Years of unhealthy living can result in dangers such as lung cancer, gum disease, tooth decay, and so on. Children who follow proper care procedures may still find themselves unhappy at their next appointment if they drink a heavy amount of sugary sodas.

Taking a proactive approach now can help you and your family feel better later on. We recommend minimizing sugary sodas, smoking, and any other activities that can hamper your oral health!

Many Patients are Uncovered

One problem found by the Office of the Surgeon General is that proper oral care can be hard to find and finance. The preventability of nearly all oral health problems can mean nothing for those who are uninformed as to their avenues for dental assistance. Many communities that have access to oral care are unable to afford it. Cultural, social, and economic factors all combine to create a unique balance that may neglect the importance of dental health. It can be hard for many patients with minimal benefits to try and find affordable care. Be sure to call us to see how we can provide cost-effective care for your smile!

Knowledge is Power

Unfortunately, the widespread need for oral health data means that we are simply not up to date and knowledgeable about dental needs across the country. From the very young to the elderly, and from rural farmers to homeless individuals, many Americans are not receiving the general dentistry practices they need. Data gathering is limited across the country, even in today’s modern age!

Oral Health is Needed for General Health

If your mouth does not feel good, you don’t feel good. More and more research is finding that oral health is integral in overall health. Doctors now believe that the mouth serves as an early warning system for serious health problems, ranging from a lack of nutrition to HIV or cancer. Your smile symbolizes overall health, so be sure to care of your teeth!

Concord Smile is here to help you create the best outcome for your smile. We specialize in general dentistry in Concord to help Californians find healthful outcomes for years to come. If you’re looking for quality dental care that lasts, be sure to call us today for your first appointment!