For those that have lost several teeth due to decay or a trauma to the mouth, it makes sense to have multiple dental implants placed as soon as possible. But what about those that have only lost a single tooth, or know that one permanent tooth needs to be removed? At Concord Smile, our restorative dentistry services are designed to help those that need to replace several teeth, as well as those that only need one dental implant for a single missing tooth.

Depending on the location of the missing tooth, we will determine if you are a prime candidate for dental implants, or if a removable denture appliance is a better option. There must be healthy bone in the jaw in order to anchor the implant, and if it seems that the teeth surrounding the gap may also need to come out, we may recommend that those teeth be extracted and several implants be placed. But, if a single implant is all that’s needed, we’ll place it with care and precision, making sure the new tooth looks natural.

Dental implants are a good choice for many patients, as they don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for anchoring or support. The post is installed in the jawbone, and a custom crown is placed that looks and feels like a real tooth. The Concord Smile team will gladly speak with you about your restorative dentistry options, and how you can have a perfect smile once again. Contact us today for more information!