When any medical or dental procedure has been around for a few years, myths and misconceptions will begin to surface. Dentures have advanced a lot since the Etruscans fashioned them out of human and animal teeth around 700 BC, but many of us still hold onto misleading opinions based on facts about dentures that are not facts at all.

  1. Having Dentures Means No More Dentist

In the same way that an orthodontic patient must return to the orthodontist periodically to have retainers adjusted, dentures must also be adjusted and otherwise checked regularly to ensure a continuously comfortable fit.

  1. Having Dentures Makes It Difficult To Eat And Speak

Many denture wearers experience few diet restrictions if any, and physical trouble with speaking or eating is often caused by ill-fitted dentures. If you are a denture wearer who experiences difficulty eating or speaking, tell your restorative dentist, and see if a fitting doesn’t help.

  1. Dentures Will Change How I Look

Advancements in the technology of restorative dentistry have turned number three into a myth. Although the past has seen dentures that caused a sunken look around the mouth and therefore an older appearance, modern dentures are designed to properly fill out the patient’s face without changing it.   

  1. Dentures Look And Smell Bad

Modern dentures are actually quite passable, and things like slippage or unnatural coloring are most often caused by improper  maintenance at home or ill-fitted dentures. Taking proper care of your dentures will prevent a lot of problems, including that bad smell you’ve been hearing about. Your dentures rely on regular cleanings just as much as your teeth.

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