Thousands of people wear dentures on a daily basis, but before they got their dentures, they had to visit their local dentist for tooth extraction and other dental services. While tooth extraction may not sound like the most fun, it’s essential for some that need dentures and can no longer chew or eat with their natural teeth. At Concord Smile, our restorative dentistry services include full and partial dentures, helping people restore their smile in no time at all.

Our dentures are made right in our clinic, so you can rest assured that we’ve overseen the fabrication and quality of your dentures from day one. Our process requires six appointments for traditional dentures, in order to properly measure your mouth for your dentures. You will be able to try a temporary denture before the final set is created, and we never proceed until you’ve given is complete approval that you’re satisfied with the fit and feel of your dentures. We want your new dentures to be comfortable and functional, allowing you to speak and eat without any problems.

We use only the finest materials to create your dentures, and people won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing them. If you’re struggling with oral health issues, or you’ve lost teeth due to decay or gum disease, visit Concord Smile today. We can help you decide if full or partial dentures are right for you and if they are, we’ll create a set that is unique to your mouth. Contact us today at 925-557-1131.