1. Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy With Our Concord Dentistry Experts Part 2

    We all love having a shiny, healthy smile. Being able to confidently flash your shining ivories can prove to boost your self esteem. Optimal oral health is also beneficial for total body health, as more evidence has come forth that establishes a link between poor dental hygiene and a myriad of health concerns. It’s important for you and your family to take care of smiles. If it has been awhile s…Read More

  2. Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy With Our Concord Dentistry Experts Part 1

    Oral health is one aspect of your daily life that can essentially be forgotten about until something goes wrong. Keeping your gums and teeth happy is an essential part of maintaining overall body health, yet many individuals neglect their smiles until a restorative dentistry becomes necessary. Daily care is vital for retaining a healthy smile, yet the number of sugary drinks and overly processed f…Read More

  3. Comparing Dental Deep Cleaning To Regular Teeth Cleaning Services

    Visiting the dentist is one task that many people do not look forward to, yet most patients leave feeling cleaner and healthier. Part of your regular dental exam will include cleaning services to protect your smile for the long haul. Concord Smile is proud to serve as your family dentist for everyone’s oral needs, ranging from braces to dental fillings and more. As Concord’s general dentistry …Read More

  4. Common Causes For Tooth Extractions With Your Concord Dentist

    Everyone loves having a beautiful smile, yet many people struggle to maintain proper oral health procedures to keep their pearly whites shining for the long haul. The good news is that modern dentistry has evolved to the point that we are now able to hold onto our teeth for longer, resulting in older residents with bigger smiles. As your local dentist, Concord Smile is here to help Californians we…Read More

  5. The Importance Of Flossing With Your Concord Dentists

    Taking care of your smile has been proven to provide substantial health benefits in comparison to neglecting your teeth. From daily brushing habits to annual dental exams, it falls on you to put in the effort and time to keep your teeth shining for a long time. As Concord’s general dentistry experts, we’re here to offer a wide range of family dentistry services. Our comprehensive approach ensu…Read More

  6. Quality Dental Implants With Your Concord Dentist Part 3

    Retaining your beautiful smile has many benefits. From self confidence levels to your overall health, proper oral care gives you a solid reason to smile. Some people, whether through life events or long-term neglect, are in need of more-intensive dental services to help them keep their whites pearly. Since 2008, Concord Smile has proudly provided the best general, cosmetic, and restorative dentist…Read More

  7. Quality Dental Implants With Your Concord Dentist Part 2

    While proper care and regular dental exams are a great way for maintaining your oral health, some patients may require additional help. Californians who ail from impaired or missing teeth face a myriad of complications and risks that can create continual issues throughout their lives. As Concord’s restorative dentistry experts, our practice is here to provide quality dental care that lasts. Conc…Read More

  8. Quality Dental Implants With Your Concord Dentist Part 1

    When it comes to keeping a healthy smile, many people face obstacles that can prove to be more of a menace than they may have thought. Californians who are missing teeth face a number of risks that can impact their smile and quality of life. Concord Smile is here to provide our patients with quality restorative dentistry in Concord. Our experienced professionals will take the care and time necessa…Read More

  9. General Dentistry To Help Protect The Elderly From Common Issues Part 2

    As we grow older, our bodies begin to go through several changes. While some of these new experiences are very enjoyable, others may require special attention to keep from being an issue. When it comes to oral health for the elderly, several risk factors come into play that need to be taken care of to minimize dental complications. Last time, Concord Smile looked at a few common issues that senior…Read More

  10. General Dentistry To Help Protect The Elderly From Common Issues Part 1

    As we age, our bodies change and adapt throughout the years. While elderly Californians have plenty to worry about in order to obtain optimal health, their oral health is often left to the wayside. As a top provider of general dentistry to Concord residents, our local dentists are here to give all of our patients the knowledge and services needed to smile and thrive. Concord Smile’s goal is in t…Read More