1. Taking A Look At Modern Root Canal Treatments

    Dentistry is full of myths and horror stories that seem to serve only to frighten patients that come in for dental exams. An endodontic - or root canal - treatment is one particular service that strikes fear into anyone in need of the procedure. As Concord’s general dentistry experts, we’re here to dispel the myths surrounding this treatment and its benefits. Concord Smile strives to be your l…Read More

  2. Avoid Unhealthy Drinks To Avoid Upsetting Your Local Dentist Part 2

    Many Americans are aware of the importance of having a quality smile, yet many citizens continue to damage them. Our modern beverages are now packed with more acid and sugar than ever, equating to a potent combination that your teeth will have to defend against. Concord Smile was founded with the goal of giving patients a smile that they can be proud of. We’ve provided Concord with optimal gener…Read More

  3. Avoid Unhealthy Drinks To Avoid Upsetting Your Local Dentist Part 1

    A commonly accepted fact in America today is the effects that sugary drinks can have on your happy smile. While recent studies have posited that the consumption of soda in our country has begun to decrease, many people are still at risk for damaging their pearly whites. Concord Smile works to keep smiles in perfect condition. Our team of experienced experts is ready to be Concord's general dentist…Read More

  4. Causes And Symptoms Of TMJ Disorders

    As we discussed in our last blog, temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the complex joint systems that connect your jawbone to your skull and allow your jaw to move in the way it does. While many people associate “TMJ” with the pain from something going wrong, we refer to temporomandibular disorders as “TMD” in general dentistry. Causes Of TMD As of now, research is still being conducted rega…Read More

  5. What Is TMJ?

    While many people associate TMJ with the pain associated with TMJ disorders, it is actually a term used in general dentistry to define the set of joints and muscles in your jaw, known as temporomandibular joints (or “TMJ”). These joints are on either side of your head and ultimately enable your jaw to move. Whether this is for chewing, speaking, or even moving your jaw forwards and backwards, …Read More

  6. Importance Of Your Biannual Dental Exam

    Scientists are learning more than ever about the connection between oral health and general health. New studies by the Academy of General Dentistry indicate a profound relationship between gum disease and serious health conditions such as heart disease and stroke, as well as complications with pregnancy such as low-weight or premature babies. Because of these new findings, understanding and mainta…Read More

  7. Four Misconceptions About Dentures

    When any medical or dental procedure has been around for a few years, myths and misconceptions will begin to surface. Dentures have advanced a lot since the Etruscans fashioned them out of human and animal teeth around 700 BC, but many of us still hold onto misleading opinions based on facts about dentures that are not facts at all. Having Dentures Means No More Dentist In the same way that an ort…Read More

  8. Three Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

    Dental discoloration is something that many of us deal with on a daily basis, but only some of us actually do something about it. Over time, your teeth can become discolored or stained due to the regular consumption of certain beverages like coffee, cola, or wine. Discoloration can also be caused by other factors such as poor dental hygiene, smoking, tooth decay, etc. Teeth whitening is the cosmet…Read More

  9. Concord Smile Provides You With Affordable Dental Care

    We all know how expensive insurance can be, especially supplemental plans like dental insurance. From the high copays and ridiculous deductibles to the yearly maximums and fine print, insurance companies are only in it for your money. Here at Concord Smile, we’re in it for your smile! We are your leading choice for general dentistry care in the Concord, CA, area, and we have our own payment plan…Read More

  10. Choosing the Best Dentist for You and Your Family

    Maintaining strong, healthy teeth sometimes requires a trip to the dentist for a more comprehensive cleaning or other procedure. Who you choose as your family’s dentist is not a decision to make lightly. There are many things to consider before you make a commitment to one dentist or another. The most convenient dentist is not always the best choice. Of course, proximity should have some weight …Read More