1. Schedule A Dental Exam For the End of the School Year

    With May now half over, many high school and college students are preparing for finals and looking forward to the end of the spring semester. If you're a student, take some time before you head off to a summer job and vacation time to schedule a dental exam, especially if it's been six months to a year since your last one. Many students are still on their parents' dental insurance, and it makes th…Read More

  2. Whiten Your Teeth in Concord

    People that have stains on their teeth may feel self-conscious about smiling in public or letting others see their teeth. Stains caused by coffee, tobacco, or other food and drink can leave you feeling embarrassed about your teeth, but Concord Smile is here to help. Our cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening services can help restore your smile to a brilliant white, removing stains and helping you…Read More

  3. Restore Your Smile with Dentures in Concord

    Thousands of people wear dentures on a daily basis, but before they got their dentures, they had to visit their local dentist for tooth extraction and other dental services. While tooth extraction may not sound like the most fun, it's essential for some that need dentures and can no longer chew or eat with their natural teeth. At Concord Smile, our restorative dentistry services include full and p…Read More

  4. Keep Your Smile Healthy and Strong in Concord

    As a dentist in Concord, we've seen every kind of oral health problem and tooth issue that there is. Adults and children alike need to keep their teeth healthy in order to avoid serious issues such as gingivitis, tooth decay, and other forms of periodontal disease. At Concord Smile, our general dentistry services are designed to provide the optimal oral health solutions, keeping cavities and gum d…Read More