Achieve That Deep Clean Feeling

Our periodontal dental cleaning service is perfect for patients sufdreamstime_xxl_33053187fering from heavy plaque and tartar buildup. Deep clean is more than just a procedure — it’s a feeling. Once our dental scaling procedure is complete, you’ll notice the difference. Concord Smiles is confident you’ll love the results! Patients are often told to think of the process as a premium car wash for your crowns and roots. One deep dental cleaning appointment is all it will take to keep most people smiling brightly for months to come!

Why Would I Need Dental Cleaning?

We can think of our teeth and gums as prime surfaces for etiologic agents known as bacteria. When proper dental maintenance is skipped, these microscopic agents move in and treat your gums as a condo rental. Over time, these bacteria can move deeper into the gums, where there is less oxygen to help with evictions and more room for growth. Our deep clean procedure aims to oust these boorish tenants. But how can it benefit you?

Dental deep cleaning helps fight:

  • Tooth loss. As bacteria embeds itself deeper into your gums, it tends to grow exponentially. After enough foreign intervention, the body responds by becoming inflamed. The result of chronic inflammation is the starting point for more detrimental periodontal diseases. Deep cleaning will help to effectively wipe out the bacteria present and protect your teeth for the future.
  • Bacterial disease. Your periodontic bacterial tenants can travel through the bloodstream to affect other regions of the body. Your lungs and heart are proven to be affected by periodontal bacteria. Our dental cleaning procedure works to eliminate these agents and prevent future damages to the rest of the body.
  • Self-consciousness. Our process of deep cleaning your teeth ensures that you’ll look and feel better. Dental scaling is helpful for removing unsightly plaque and light stains that are currently plaguing your teeth. Deep cleaning’s fight against  periodontal disease also helps to correct bad breath. Your self-confidence will flourish with our efficient treatment!

Needing dental cleaning to help your smile? Concord Smile can help!

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