Protect Your Teeth With Concord’s Best General Dentistry Services

Concord Smile provides a comprehensive list of services to ensure that your smile is bright and healthy. While we specialize in cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, preventative measures are the best practice. While proper tooth care practices are useful for maintaining oral health, it often is not enough to provide proper protection. Dental sealants are a powerful tool in the fight against decay and cavities.

Why Sealants?

Proper flossing and brushing are great techniques for ousting plaque from the surfaces of your teeth. However, the small grooves and niches in the surface of your ivories can hold onto any remaining bacteria, especially in the back teeth. Sealants are utilized to coat and protect your teeth from invasive plaque buildup. In essence, the sealant is placed in these small crevices and cracks as the first line of defense.

Who Benefits?

All ages can benefit from dental sealants. Generally, children receive this protective layer once their premolars and molars come in order to provide protection on their new teeth through the teenage years, where caries are more prevalent. Adults and infants can also receive sealant implants for a number of reasons. In some cases, sealants can be placed over the beginning stages of tooth decay to protect it from further damages.

How Long Does It Last?

Ideally, your sealant will offer dental protection for up to a decade. However, annual dental exams will be needed to ensure that there is no damage or excessive wear on the sealant itself. Reapplications may be necessary in order to maximize the protective benefits.

Concord Smile is your general dentistry expert that provides a wide array of quality dental services. Dental sealants provide a safe, effective option for protecting teeth beyond the coverage that proper flossing and brushing provides. Contact us today to schedule your dental exam!

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