Protecting Your Teeth With Our General Dentistry Services


Concord Smile is your local dentist, and we’re happy to provide Californians with the best dental services available. Fluoride treatments, for example, are ideal for adding an extra layer of protection to your teeth.


What Is Fluoride?


This hot subject in the dental world is actually an element that occurs in nature. Fluoride is ideal for strengthening the enamel in your teeth. Today’s modern diet brings a lot of acid in contact with your teeth, leading to weakened enamel and a big jump in cavity rates. Fortunately, this mineral is found in nearly all sources of water. Because of its protective benefits, fluoride is actually added to much of the drinking water available in this country when levels are deemed insufficient for protecting teeth. Fluoride is also added to varying toothpaste and mouthwash products for added benefit. Certain people can also take fluoride supplements when there is an insufficient amount available in their geographic area. As long you are receiving a proper amount, your teeth should benefit from increased cavity protection.


Who Needs Fluoride Treatments?


Typically, our treatments are given to children because of the importance of fostering a healthy development of their teeth. If a child has ailed from cavities in the past, it is doubly important to be vigilant with dental exams and fluoride treatments. To promote the remineralization of the enamel on the teeth, children often receive this treatment every six months.


This general dentistry service can be beneficial for adults as well, especially grown-ups who live with compromised immune systems and those who have undergone a medical procedure that negates the body’s ability to protect against caries.


Concord Smile strives to offer comprehensive dental services to keep residents healthy and happy. Contact your family dentist today to schedule an exam!