Your smile is how you show the world who you truly are. It’s the most valuable asset to your social and career success. Not only aesthetically, but a functional dentition that allows you to eat and chew properly can greatly improve your quality of life.
A beautiful smile and a pleasant appearance are the best way to advance in career, love, life, social circles, and everything else.

Extraordinaire, and More…

Oral health is not only about teeth – it also affects your health as a whole. At Concord Smile, we treat our patients as a whole person and offer everything from nutrition counseling and tobacco cessation to extensive home care advice. We give you the most comprehensive care so you can keep your teeth for as long as you live.

Our Philosophy

Our only goal is to provide the highest quality dental care at a fair fee while maximizing patient convenience and comfort.

Concord Smile is committed to using the best dental materials available to the US market. With that said, 98% of our products are MADE IN USA. The other 2% are from Germany, France, and Japan. All of our crowns are made by a local laboratory in Concord, CA. All dentures are made exclusively by Dr. Huynh at the office.

Visiting the dentist is daunting for many patients, and we understand that. Therefore, our mission is to get things done right the FIRST TIME. We are proud to use good products so our service will last a long time for our patients.


Dr. Gigi Huynh graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. She graduated from the University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Gigi pursues extensive training in implant surgery and advanced restorative dentistry. Her experience in prosthodontics from doing her own lab work and cross training in implant surgery enable her to treat many advanced cases that a general dentist would not treat.

At Concord Smile, Dr. Gigi is proud to provide all denture patients with the best dentures that they can’t buy elsewhere. All dentures are custom made in the lab by Dr. Gigi with the utmost care, to the liking and comfort of our patients.