1. The 3 Main Parts of a Dental Implant

    Your smile means a lot to you — and it should. You use your teeth to chew on food. You smile when you’re happy. And you prefer real teeth over implanted ones. So, when you lose a tooth (or teeth), it’s important that you get your teeth replaced. A full, complete smile allows your mouth to function properly in all the ways you love to use it. Missing teeth can lead to various issues and disea…Read More

  2. 3 Rare Dental Implant Issues After Surgery

    Did you know that according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) more than 3 million people have dental implants? The process of placing a dental implant is multi-staged and relies on the jaw bone of the patient to fuse to the titanium post (osseointegration). Once the implant fuses, a dental crown can then be placed on the post to complete the dental implant procedure. A majority o…Read More

  3. 3 Common Dental Treatments

    Visiting your dentist can feel overwhelming and stressful, no matter how routine the dental treatment you’re receiving might be — or how much you trust your dentist. That’s why knowledge is power! The more you know about dental treatments and how scary they aren’t, the less likely you’ll feel powerless in the dentist’s chair. In today’s blog post, we’ll go over some of the three co…Read More

  4. For Parents: 5 Oral Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Children’s Teeth Clean

    As fellow parents, we understand there is a lot that goes into keeping your children healthy. From their physical health to their mental health, we want to ensure our children are always living their happiest and healthiest lives. One thing we can often forget about, though, is our children’s oral health, which plays an integrative role in their overall health as well. That’s why in today’s …Read More

  5. Common Foods In Your Diet That Are Ruining Your Teeth

    We all know there are certain foods in our diets that aren’t exactly the best for our oral health. If we want to avoid the development of cavities in our teeth, there are certain foods we should probably pass on. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cavities are the most common chronic disease that individuals between the ages of 6 and 19 years old face. In today…Read More

  6. 5 Ways To Enhance Your Smile

    Are you tired of closed-mouth smiles for pictures and people staring at your teeth while you have a conversation with them? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, a good majority of Americans admit that the first thing they notice when they meet a new person is their smile (in other words, their teeth). If you’re not happy with the way your smile looks, chances are your overall confidence levels are…Read More

  7. The Dangers Of Waiting When Scheduling Your Dental Visit

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This adage can be used in many situations to varying degrees, but when it comes to your oral health, proactivity can save a lot of pain and money. Your local dentist is trained to provide full-service care to keep your smile in optimal condition. While many patients know that delaying treatment can prove harmful, they often decide to hold out longer…Read More

  8. Why Restorative Dentistry Is Important

    What exactly is restorative dentistry, and why is this type of dentistry important for our oral health? This is a question you might come across if you only see your local dentist annually (or even less than that). Essentially, it’s a type of dentistry that helps fix a minor issue before it can become a major oral concern. It all comes down to this — a healthy mouth can affect the overall heal…Read More

  9. The Top Conclusions About Oral Health And Dentistry In America

    Like many people, you are likely on this blog post because you are searching for information. Whether you’re past due for a dental exam or you’re hoping to find a local dentist to help with your toothache, it’s important to find a team of caring professionals who are here to help you smile for a lifetime. Concord Smile is here to serve as your source for restorative and general dentistry in …Read More

  10. Tooth Pain? Diagnose Your Discomfort Before Seeing Our Concord Dentists!

    The human mouth is a complex component that is vital for many of your daily activities. For many people, tooth pain can prove to be an uncomfortable and disruptive experience. It’s important to be proactive if experience tooth discomfort, as even minor problems can quickly turn into medical emergencies. If you find yourself dealing with oral pain, it would be wise to visit a local dentist for as…Read More