Three Remarkable Get-Acquainted Offers:

Complimentary Limited exam and xray: This is to help if you don’t have dental insurance and you have one toothache.  We will diagnose for free.  The only time you pay is when you elect to have the treatment done.

Complimentary Denture Exam: Just call us to schedule a denture exam.  Whether this is your first denture, or to replace your old dentures.  We will be happy to give you your best option and expertise on what would be your best treatment.

Complimentary Cosmetic Evaluation:  Don’t like your smile?  Want a make over to look and feel better?  Want to change job?  We are here to help you make the next social, career change by improving your smile.  You will see how advance you will get in life with a perfect smile and pleasant appearance.  We have done it for hundreds of our patients.  We would love to do it for you as well

Call Our Office, or send us an appointment request.  We look forward to see you in sunny Concord, CA