Our Services

1. Crown:

What is a crown?

It is a laboratory fabricated dental restoration to completely cover or “cap” the tooth. Therefore, it’s often called a “cap”

When do I need a crown?

Crown is often placed to protect cracked tooth, or after root canal treatment to prevent tooth from fractured, or as a restoration if carious lesion is too large for a filling.

Choices for crowns are: porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, or gold depends on position and condition of the tooth.

All crowns at Concord Smile are skillfully fabricated by our local master ceramist in Concord.

Implant restored crown:

After an implant is placed, a waiting period of 4-6 months is followed to allow osseointegration to occur. Implant is then uncovered & healing abutment is placed to allow healing. Impression is taken. Custom abutment and crown are fabricated for implant. Waiting period from the time implant is uncovered to the time impression is taken is about 2 weeks, then it takes another 2-3 weeks for the laboratory to fabricate custom abutment and crown

Porcelain onlay & inlay:

When an old filling breaks or the cavity is too big to fill, a porcelain onlay or inlay is recommended to restore the tooth to its most natural morphology as possible. At the same time to prevent further damage of tooth structure. With today technology, we currently use 100 percent porcelain for inlay and onlay

2. Bridge:

Bridge is used to replace missing tooth or teeth, usually is done when implant is not an option and adjacent teeth already have crowns on them.

3. Extraction:

Extract wisdom tooth or non-restorable tooth. Don’t forget to ask us about oral sedation for your comfort.

4. Bone graft:

Bone graft at extraction time: after tooth is removed, bone is grafted to extraction socket to improves healing time, provides bone for implant placement option later.

Sinus Elevation Graft: one of the most predictable surgical technique, the sinus membrane is lifted, bone is packed in and provide platform for implant placement. This is done when the maxillary sinus floor is too low and no bone is available for implant placement.

5. Deep Clean:

Crown and root cleaning to remove calculus, usually antibiotic injection to pocket higher than 5mm is highly recommended as an additional therapy to help gum heals. Once deep clean is done, patient is scheduled on a 3 month recall so periodontal health is closely monitor.

6. Crown Lengthening:

Sometimes due to fractured or cavity, more tooth structure needs to be exposed to provide structure for the crown to help with crown retention and prevent gum irritation. Gum & bone are recontoured and more natural tooth structure is exposed.

7. Dentures:

Partial denture: replace one to a few missing teeth where implant or bridge is not an option. A partial denture has chrome metal framework attached to teeth. The metal framework provides the retention and stability for partial denture

Complete denture: replace all missing teeth in one arch

Implant over denture: when all teeth in the same arch are lost, 2 to 4 implants are placed, denture is fabricated with locators to clip on denture, provide retention and stability for denture.

Immediate denture: Impression is taken before extraction and denture will be fabricated before teeth are extracted. At extraction time, after all teeth are removed, denture is delivered. This is a temporary denture for the first year. After 6 months to a year, a denture reline or a new denture should be made to provide a better fit.

8. Dental Implant Surgery:

Implant is the best option to replace tooth lost. It is the most natural replacement for missing tooth. After a titanium implant is placed, a period of 4-6 month is waited for osseointegration to occur. Then impression is taken and custom abutment and crown are made.

Why dental implant? Dental implant replaces the missing tooth without expense of adjacent teeth. This saves healthy tooth structure and high cost of maintaining, replacing the bridge in the future and possible lost of adjacent teeth that were used as anchor teeth for the bridge

Success rate of dental implant? ranging from 90-98% depend on health and oral hygiene condition of patient.

Am I a candidate for dental implants? Do I have enough bone for implants? An exam, with xray or cone beam CT scan will help to determine. Many bone graft options are also available to make implant possible. Please contact us for a consultation appointment

What types of implant do I need?

1. Single tooth implant:

Most often done to replace one missing tooth.

2. Multiple teeth replacement with implants:

2 or more implants are placed and use as anchor for a bridge.

3. Implant over denture:

2 or more implants are placed and use as anchor to help with denture retention.

9. Cosmetic Dentistry:

Teeth Whitening:

Zoom bleaching: in office 45 min bleaching using zoom technique.
In office Opalescent bleaching: an affordable way to have your teeth whitening done in 1hr in office procedure.

Take home bleaching tray: a custom made tray is fabricated and used at home. We provide bleaching gel. All you need to do is put bleaching gel in the tray, wear the tray for 15 min. each day

Tooth color filling:

Tooth color (white) filling material is used instead of the tradition silver filling. It’s safe and aesthetically pleasing. We spend time matching color and contour your tooth so your filling will look and feel just like your normal tooth

Veneers: porcelain veneer is used to cover defects of natural tooth and mask dark tooth color Porcelain veneer gives the most natural look and feel and esthetically enhanced color that mother nature fails to provide.

10. Mouth Guard:

Also called night guard, occlusal guard, occlusal splint, bite guard, mouth piece, etc is a protective device that covers the teeth to prevent and/or reduce injury
to protect teeth from grinding (bruxing) habit at night while sleeping. Night guard is also used to protect teeth when one has numerous porcelain crowns to protect porcelain from fractured

Sport Guard:

American Academy for Sports Dentistry recommends athletes wear sport guard when playing football & basketball to protect your teeth from injuries. Our office fabricates a 2 layer sport guard, one layer is a color of your choice (usually the team color), second layer is a clear layer. We can put your team sticker in between 2 layers if you can provide us one.

11. Laser Treatment:

Gum Contouring: Overgrowth gum can be contoured for a more esthetic pleasing look without surgery and stitches.

Cold Sore treatment: we prefer to treat cold sore as soon as it starts. It takes 15 min treatment to get the newly started cold sore lesion to go away. Please come as soon as you notice a tingling sensation on your lips. We will be happy to help you.

12. Exam:

We provide comprehensive exams which include oral cancer screening, periodontal exam, cavity diagnosis and treatment options will be provided after exam

13. Sealants:

Sealants seal the tooth’s biting surface, which anatomically has lots of grooves. Sealants protect teeth from cavity.

14. Fluoride treatment:

We believe in Fluoride treatment, not only because it reduces dental caries in children, but it also reduces caries in adults. Especially in older adults taking many medications or at risk immunocompromise adults, also cancer patients who have gone through chemo, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplant